Benefits for Consumers

Enjoy the Ease of Digital Profile Cards

  • Control your information. Aside from your name, you decide what you wish to share on your profile. Include a photo, your email, and phone number, or not.
  • Conveniently text users in your network
  • Use in-app tools to promote and recommend your trusted providers to your friends and family, inside or outside the WiredMates network
  • Quickly and conveniently find providers that your friends, family, and other trusted people recommend
  • You decide what contact detail you wish to share with your friends or everyone in the network.

Create a Personal Profile Page to Connect With and Recommend Providers

  • Maintain up-to-date contact information about your contacts without the time-consuming task of manually entering new data
  • Easily recommend and promote other service providers you trust within the network to help your connections to find reliable resources
  • Search for nearby service providers, including those recommended by friends and family, in the exchange

Easily Exchange Information With Friends, Family, and Providers

  • Quickly and conveniently send information to a trusted provider from any device using the WiredMates in-app texting tool
  • Quickly and conveniently communicate with other users in your network
  • Send information about trusted providers and professionals to friends and family at parties, sporting events or anywhere life takes you
  • Communicate with friends and service providers via text messages in the app

Stay Organized and Keep Contacts Easy to Find

  • Organize and file WiredMates cards in your “Business Cards” folder for easy search and retrieval
  • Automatically synchronize your WiredMates information with all your devices so you can find the information you need anytime, anywhere
  • Search for and find service providers faster by tagging
  • Receive automatic updates from business contacts when they change contact details or jobs