Why We Created WiredMates

Why We Created WiredMates

How many times have you found yourself in a panic looking for a service provider – a plumber, a babysitter, a dentist - and have no idea where to begin? All you want is a reliable and trusted recommendation, but that’s easier said than done. Let’s say you’re looking for a good plumber, and quickly, because a pipe just burst, and your ceiling is raining down on you.


First you try Yelp. You start to read reviews about different plumbers written by people you don’t know, and you realize you could never trust any of these recommendations. And why would you? They don’t carry any weight because they are written by complete strangers. Then you try Angie’s list. Within minutes you are being inundated with phone calls from aggressive plumbers trying to get your business. You don’t know any of these people and have no way of knowing if they are actually good or not. Plus, they know you’re in a bind and can easily take advantage of your desperation.


Then you realize the best way to get a trusted recommendation is through your family and friends. But where do you begin? It could take you hours, even days, to find that one person in your circle who has a good recommendation for the right plumber. And by the way, let’s hope your friend or family member with that golden recommendation isn’t away on vacation and off the grid for a few days! The point is, the best recommendations are always from people you now, but those recommendations can very difficult to track down. After all, most of us have a ton of family and friends. This is why we created WiredMates.


WiredMates is the only social network for authentic, trusted recommendations from people you know. It simplifies the word of mouth referral process by putting those trusted referrals all in one place. It’s incredibly easy to navigate and very efficient.


Here’s how it works - Every member of WiredMates will upload their “rolodex” of trusted service providers and businesses for their family and friends to access. So, for example, say you have 20 service providers and/or businesses that you trust and would definitely recommend to your family and friends, you simply upload their digital business cards to your homepage so they can be shared (you can create one for them or they will already have one in the WiredMates database). Each digital business card on someone’s homepage will have personal and detailed reviews, but the most important thing you’ll be getting with that recommendation is the stamp of approval from someone you trust. And that is something you would never get by reading some random online review from a complete stranger.


WiredMates is the only place you can go to find a meaningful list of trusted recommendations that is curated by people you know. And the bigger your social network is, the more trusted referrals you’ll have access to!